Sunday, July 27, 2014

This n' That

This weekend has been pretty awesome :) Because the girls and I were at his parents' house over the past few weeks, Daniel and I hadn't been on an anniversary date, so yesterday we packed up Sadie and went to Grande Prairie for the day! It was a really nice day too...we ate pizza at famoso for lunch and went to all our favorite stores, like home depot :) we drank iced teas from Starbucks and played with Sadie a bit, and were home in time for Daniel and the girls to play Mario kart before bed. 

Also, Sadie nailed the smiling thing finally, and I got it on camera! I love your smile, little girl :)

As for my thought of the day...I've been thinking lots on the topic of worrying about your kids. I'm starting to think that's one of the most exhausting parts of being a mom!
A few days ago I learned a friend was pregnant. We were excitedly texting, and she started asking questions about things that were worrying her about early pregnancy. I answered the best I could, then sent a text that said, "try not to worry about it." 
As soon as I hit send, a tidal wave of epiphone and emotion hit me and I sent one more text. 

"Although I know that from now until forever, you will never stop worrying about this little baby."

And now I've been thinking about that all weekend, and it's been making me really sentimental when I look at my girls. From the moment I found out I was pregnant with each one, they have been on my mind almost constantly. I've worried about everything and done my best to make sure none of them ever hurt. I always thought I would be a "tougher" mom and not get emotional at every little thing. I am not that mom. I'm the emotional one...and really, I think we all are when it comes to our children :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This Post Was Typed With Two Hands

And believe me, that's a big deal! Also, it's the reason my blog has been kind of neglected lately. Most days it's so much easier to just post an Instagram pic with a quick update. So those of you that follow me on there probably already have a pretty good idea of what we've been up to lately. Still, I want to put it on my blog because this is where I put things I want to keep forever :)
So, July is flying by, hey? I can't even keep up lately, sheesh! We ended June with Addison turning NINE. I know, that's crazy talk, but it's true. Daniel and I have a nine year old, and we are so SO proud of the young lady she is becoming. She's a book worm with a passion for learning cool facts about everything. She is the best "biggest" sister of our group of girls and comes up with super creative games for her sisters to play, AND she is just a sweetheart in general. A few days ago I got the girls all in the 'burb to go somewhere. As I was pulling out of the driveway, Danica yelled, "mom! You forgot to buckle me in!"
Face palm. "I'm sorry danica! Mommy's really dropping the ball today :("
To which Addison replied, "mom, it's ok. You have five kids now, you can't be expected to remember everything! I'll buckle her in." Melt my heart :)

We came down to Daniel's parent's place almost two weeks ago. The girls spent the first week at VBS and loved every minute of it! We ended up staying this week too just to hang out :)

During the first week we were here, Myka also had a birthday and turned 5!
She has been planning this for months. And by "this" I mean her cake. She has often asked me to look up rainbow dash cakes online so she could choose what she wanted.
Now, I am no cake decorator, but I was determined to make her a rainbow dash cake that would be generally awesome... With a back up plan of a DQ ice cream cake just in case.
The plan for the cake was as follows: 6 rainbow layers of cake with a hole dug in the middle and filled with skittles. The outside was going to be covered in RD blue fondant and be accented with zebra printed sugar paper.
I should have taken a picture of the cake wreck that blossomed out of that flawless plan, but at the time I was not thinking that way. I was more along the lines of "all I wanted was to give Myka an awesome cake and I screwed it up! I'm a terrible mother! (I was worked up to the point of irrationality lol). I called Daniel and, like always, he calmed me down and came up with a solution. Plain blue buttercream. Done. I did accent it with a bit of the zebra sugar paper that I salvaged from the wreckage, and Daniel bought the most adorable MLP figurines to stick on top.
I told you that entire story to say this: in the end, at least the cake still had skittles pouring out the middle when we cut into it, and that's really all that mattered. She loved it :)
She also loved her of which was a date with Grandma and Grandpa all by go build a stuffie and build a bear :) that was pretty special!

The rest of our visit has been filled with bbq's, campfires, and playing with water to keep cool.

Oh, and Sadie celebrated her 6 week mark by going swimming for the first time tonight! After a day of full on sweating, it was the perfect way to end the day :)

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Sunday, July 06, 2014

And That Was June.

I don't think a month has ever gone by so fast for me! And the funny thing is, the month before dragged on forEVER in a haze of 9 months pregnant aches and pains, false labor, and laziness.
My due date was June 2, and when that came and went, it was easier to think that I might just be pregnant forever. But I wasn't, and now I find myself daydreaming about moments we've had in June, trying to relive them just a little bit, because they seemed to fly by almost too fast to notice.
There is something pretty special about having a newborn baby, and this time I have made a conscious effort to drink in every fleeting hold her as much as I can, to nurse her whenever she wants, and to involve the other girls as much as I can.
That being said, bring a mom of five has been completely overwhelming at times. It has not been unheard of for me to call Daniel crying, "how am I ever going to do this babe?" And like the Superdad he is, he calms me every time, and when he's able he comes home and takes over as much of the parenting as he can. One day he even took all four older girls shopping in GP all day so I could enjoy an entire day of rest with the baby!
Thankfully those moments...where every room in the house is a mess, myka and Danica are fighting or whining, and I can't keep my eyes open or my temper in
check...those moments don't last forever. In fact, they never last long at all, it just seems like they do at the time.
And, just as important as cherishing every moment I can with my girls, I have learned (again) the value of cherishing every moment of sleep...and I just got Sadie down, so I should go try and get some shut eye :)  night!

P.S. this post took two days to write, because having two hands to type with has become super rare around here :)

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Well, it's been awhile since I've done a TT post, wow! I have SO so much to be thankful for too.
The last three weeks have been a blur of craziness and cuteness.
I knew that having another baby, especially since it bumped us up to 5 children, would take some adjusting. What I didn't see coming though, was where the adjustments would be needed. In me. Everyone else in the family is adjusting so well to the new baby. The girls love her, and Daniel has been so calm, patient and helpful. I couldn't be happier with all of that, or with Sadie. I seriously can't get enough of her sweetness :)
However. The anxiety I was feeling during my pregnancy has stayed with me a bit. I am having a hard time letting go of some things that used to be in my control, but aren't now. Or maybe they never were, and I was just blissfully ignorant?
Either way...I am rapidly learning that I need to slow down. As I've said before, I'm not a naturally organized person, and when I try to do too much or to rush things, I tend to make a mess, lol.
I have had more than one mini meltdown because I was late for something (getting a newborn out of the house can take a long time!), or because it takes much longer to get things done...especially when we are in town.
Slowly, and with help from God, Daniel, and some awesome friends, I am learning how to prioritize and be productive without feeling like I'm failing.
That means that some days, productive is feeding the kids and nursing the baby. Some days it's a trip to town, but only making two stops. It's definitely all new and challenging, but I do love a good challenge :)
1. So, the number one thing I'm thankful for lately is the incredible support we have received from family and friends. Between my mother in law cooking and cleaning for a week, to food from neighbors, to friends who have watched the older girls, I am humbled and SO thankful for you all.
2. I'm thankful for Daniel, or as I like to call him, Super daddy. Not only has he been taking on a huge chunk of parenting the older girls lately, but he has done everything in his power to make sure I've been comfortable and adjusting well...right from the start of my pregnancy! He deserves a huge kiss right on the lips:)
3. I'm thankful that three weeks ago, Sadie came into this world happy and healthy and after a fairly uneventful labor. Meeting her was one of the best moments of my life! It's crazy and wonderful how a mom's heart is never ever too full to feel that joy when she meets her newest baby. It was awesome.
4. I'm thankful that she's been a very content baby. I've enjoyed every quiet, snuggly moment :)
5. I'm thankful for worship music. Nothing makes me feel closer to God than a few good worship songs...and nothing has kept me more centered and calm through my anxiety than singing those songs. "My soul will rest in your embrace". Yes it does. :)
6. I'm thankful for our four " big sisters" and just how doting they have been!
7. I'm thankful for the warm weather, and that we have been able to get out and enjoy it so much! I wish it could stay summer forever!
8. I'm thankful for sleep. Even if I'm not getting as much of it as before, every hour of sleep o get is wonderful :)

Speaking of sleep, I'm going to end my novel there :)
I hope it makes sense at least a little bit! Lol.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Joy Prints Giveaway!!!

Giveaway time!! 

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Dr. Myka

I posted a picture today on Instagram of Myka reading a book to Danica. It's midnight now and I'm up feeding Sadie (breastfeeding and blogging...the new multitasking, lol) and wanted to write a bit about it on my blog too :)
Anyways, like all sisters, Myka and Danica have their fair share of fights, some even get physical. They also don't like when the other touches their stuff most of the time. Also, Myka doesn't like Danica to sit beside her while they eat because she doesn't want Danica to touch her while she's eating.
However, if Danica gets hurt, which seems to be happening frequently lately, Myka drops all of her "rules" and devotes all of her time and energy to helping Danica feel better.
A week or so ago Danica walked into a piece of plywood that was on two sawhorses and scraped her cheek pretty badly. Myka came inside from playing and danced really silly for a good 15 minutes just to get Danica to feel better. By the end Danica was laughing so hard and trying to join in. Myka wouldn't let her of course, because she "had to rest".
Then today, Danica was running around outside and ran in front of addison, who was on her bike. She swerved, but still knocked Danica down :( the same cheek that was hurt last week is now covered in road rash, along with her forehead and nose.
Again, Myka was right at her side. Myka doesn't like to read books by herself because she can't read yet and it frustrates her...and she doesn't want to " make it up"...she wants to KNOW what a book says. This afternoon though, she read about 6 books to Danica, making up silly stories and even using different voices! It was adorable. I love watching her take care of her sister like that, she's so selfless about it! At dinner she even requested that Danica sit by her and announced that Danica could touch her if she wanted :)
I know they will change as they grow, but if I could have one wish as a mom, I would wish that they will always take good care of each other and always be there for their sisters. Hu
Speaking from experience, it's nice to know that no matter what anyone does to you or whatever life throws at you, that you can count on your sisters for support and encouragement...even if it's just to make you smile :)

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

30 Things...Dream Job

The question today is,  "what is your dream job, and why?"

That's an easy one. I've wanted to be a midwife since I was in high school. Unfortunately, since high school ended, I always seemed to have something better to do than go to midwifery school.

As for "why"...there's a few reasons. I am not an extreme "naturalist" in anything, but I do believe in a bit of a balance.
For example, food. I feed my family a variety of healthy foods, but when I make a batch of cookies, I make cookies....with butter, brown sugar, flour, and lots of chocolate, and we enjoy them.

Maybe that was a bad example...but hey, I'm a newly nursing mother and food is on my brain a LOT lately  :p

When it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, I feel similar. Dr's are very much needed and appreciated at many births. If it weren't for c-sections, well, you get what I'm saying.
However, a normal pregnancy is well, normal; and most labour and deliveries aren't a medical emergency. I want to be a midwife so that in as many cases as possible I can do everything in my power to help mom's labour how they want to. Little things like being able to eat or drink some water, or to be able to walk around...and into helping them get starting breastfeeding after their baby is born.
I have attended a few births other than my own, and each one just solidifies my desire to be a part of that process. I still plan on becoming one, even if I'm in my 50's when it happens. It just means I'll have that much more experience!

One of my friends has a sister who is a midwife. To get her training, she moved to the Philippines with her husband and children. They ended up staying there and helped set up clinics while she helped the women in the area have their babies. I am always so fascinated by what she does there!

So, short and sweet, that's my dream job :)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Dear Sadie

For the last nine months, you have been a part of our family. At first, you were a very quiet part of it, and the only sign that you were coming was that I was more tired than usual. Near the end, we all got more and more excited to meet you. Your sisters loved to talk to you and feel you move, and almost every day your sister Myka would remind you to "come out baby!!" It seemed like a long long wait, but then all of the sudden, you were here.

Last Thursday, June 5 is when you arrived. After two days of slow labor, and three hours of crazy fast labor, you were in my arms at 9:30 pm. Just your dad and I were in the room when you were born, but right afterwards Addison and Tegan came in to see you, along with your Grandma and Aunty :) It was a pretty special moment, and I'll never forget it!

Daddy and I thought that as soon as we saw you, we would know what to name you, but we still weren't sure. For three days you were "baby girl", and then we found the name Sadie. It means princess and when I told your dad that he said, "she's a princess" :) and we named you Sadie Ann. It suits you very well I think :)

Now it's been a week, and we fall more and more in love with you every day. Your sisters love to help me change you, and you almost never have to be put down because they are always asking to hold you. I don't blame them either...snuggling you is the most amazing thing! I could sit and hold you all day long I'm sure and not get tired of it. So far you are a very happy and content baby, and I have to say, I'm totally ok with your current nighttime schedule...keep it up, baby!  

Just over a week ago I wrote a post about how excited I was to meet you. I'm still excited every time I see you and realize that you really are here, a part of our family. You are number 5 of 5 girls, and not many little girls are able to say that! 
You are so special Sadie Ann, and we are so blessed to have you here.


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