Friday, September 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday...the Belated Edition

It's Friday...can you tell that I've been putting this off? I guess I'm just not in a super thankful place this week, but I committed to do this, so here goes :)

1. My new dishwasher!!

2. Our new pellet stove. I love wood heat, and pellet stoves are an easy, convenient way to have it!

3. That Tegan loves kindergarten

4. That the weather has been nice enough for the girls and I to walk every evening lately

5. That my new swaddling blanket fabric got here...I get way too excited over fabric!

6. That I have grown so close to my sister, Dakota lately...we have some great talks and some great times together!

7. That I have been close with my other sister, Jael lately too...even though we need to talk over Skype, I love raising our kids together over Skype :)

8. That Daniel has been such a big help to me this week...both around the house and with the kids

9. That Danica's two teeth came through (sigh of relief!)

10. That I made a meal plan at the beginning of the week. It's something that I "know" I should do each week, but rarely do. When I do, my life (and grocery shopping!) is so much easier though

Source: None via Debra on Pinterest

11. For my Little Lily customers who have been so patient and understanding while I wait for my backordered fabric.

12. That our one year old Chocolate labs have calmed down so much lately. It makes it much nicer to take the kids outside when they aren't jumping everywhere!

13. That Danica has started sleeping through the night again this week

14. That Myka is sleeping better too...not all the way through, but since we moved her into the same room as the older girls, it's gotten MUCH better!

15. That fall is here...I love fall! I just hope it lasts for awhile before the snow comes :)

16. For my neighbor, who picks my girls up every morning for school so that I don't have to drive them to the corner for the bus!

17. That Myka has been wanting to wear panties instead of a diaper during the day. Maybe she'll be fully potty trained soon?

18. Skinny Cow. You know what I'm talking about ;)

19. That I have done well keeping my kitchen clean this week. My whole world just seems better when my kitchen is clean :)

20. That all of my friends who had babies this week had healthy little babes!

Next week, I would like to invite you to join me for Thankful Thursday! Hopefully this week I can figure out how to add a linky tool to the post so you can link up to your own Thankful Thursday post!
Have a great week :)

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