Sunday, April 08, 2012

One Easter Tradition

Last year, my friend Jenny started a fun little tradition. Sawyer, Axel and Myka are all really close to the same age, and they had so much fun at the easter egg hunt in Tumbler Ridge last year! Don't let the serious faces deceive you...but apparently eating hotdogs is no laughing matter! They were having a blast :)

Well, today, we attended the hunt again, and Jenny got the great idea to take the same picture!
Sawer, Axel, and Myka at the Easter egg hunt, 2011

The gang, one year later....

Sawyer, Axel, and Myka, Easter egg hunt, 2012

Unfortunately, this will be the last year in awhile that we can take this photo, as Jenny is moving next month. I'm so sad :( Axel and Myka get along so well...and so do Jenny and I for that matter!

Oh, and here's Danica enjoying the hunt...last year, and today!

My other girls enjoyed the hunt as well...and my mom got this great shot of them watching a balloon float away!

As long as it's not our balloon, we enjoy watching it float away!
After the hunt, we went back to my mom's house and enjoyed an awesome non-traditional easter dinner...although I have a feeling it will become a tradition now! Make your own pizzas! 

It was sad not having Daniel here for Easter, but we get to see him in 3 days, so that's awesome!


  1. It was an awesome day!! Your anonymous poster....Mom

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! So sad that your friend is moving though!

    1. yes, it is sad :( We met right around the time Myka and Axel were born, and have grown really close over the last couple of years! And now she'll live 15 hours away :(


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