Wednesday, May 09, 2012

3 Things I've Learned in My Two Whole Days as a Soccer Mom.

This week, for the first time ever, Addison and Tegan started soccer. It's been two days, and I have already learned a few key things....

1. My friend was right when she said it's the coldest sport EVER. Seriously. Winter jacket and thick blanket cold. I am inspired to make a super thick denim rag quilt just to fend of the icy wind. I think I just might.

2. 14 months between children doesn't seem like much, until you realize that they are on different teams because of it, and those teams play completely opposite evenings. As a result, we make the 20 minute drive to town not two, but FOUR nights a week. At $1.35 a litre for gas, that effectively cuts 2 years off paying for university right there. Sorry girls.

3. Also as a result of the "four nights a week" thing,  SUPPER. and organization. I lack skills in the second thing, so suppers suffer. So far we have eaten McDonalds and Dairy Queen. Now I know it's only been two nights, but that has to stop, so this is where you come in. If you have a tried and true, easy crock pot recipe, post it in the comments because I am going to NEED ideas! Thank you in advance my friends :)
not me.


  1. When the kids were in soccer last year we had the same supper problem. I don't know if this will work for you guys but I used to just make bbq chicken wraps and then wrap it in tin foil and bring it along. One of my friends feeds her kids toast and eggs so that she doesn't have to nag them to eat quickly. I'll take a look through my crock pot recipes. Good luck! I think we'll be doing the same thing next year :)

  2. We need to have a talk about lying, cheating, and bribing your way into getting your kids on the same team. My oldest two are 15 months apart, and it's the only way to keep your sanity.

    1. That sounds like it would be a fun conversation...I think we should definitely have it! If I'm still alive at the end of this, that is!

  3. It IS a crazy time, but I hope you cherish it nonetheless.
    sorry, no crock pot recipes, but sandwiches come to mind.
    I don't remember exactly what I did during those times, but I will tell you, everyone survived!

  4. You absolutely have to get Company's Coming's Crock Pot Dinners! It has saved my sanity & my kids from starving when we have hockey 7 days a week:)


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