Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Addisons acsadent

Today I have a very special guest poster on my blog...she even wrote the title!

Sunday night, Addison had a very rude awakening. Here she is to tell you a bit about it:

the morning after, holding her super cute teddy bear from the nurses!

On sunday night i fell off the top bunk and bent the bone in my nose. I got took to the  hospital at 11 at night and got a teddy bear. I also had stichis in my mouth.

from Addison

It's definitely proof that sleepwalking can be dangerous :( She has sleepwalked occasionally for a long time with no problems...the Dr. was surprised that she had trouble because kids who sleepwalk are usually pretty aware he said.

But Sunday night as she was climbing down the ladder of her top bunk, she tripped. I woke to a huge crash, and then a few seconds later i heard a cry. I ran in as fast as I could and grabbed her. I carried her out to the kitchen so I could check if she was hurt in the light. As I pulled her away from me, I realized that her nose was bleeding badly. Then I noticed that it was already swollen and crooked. I called Daniel from the bedroom and said, "I think her nose is broken, I need to take her in". "Yeah, definitely", he said. Myka had woken up in the commotion, so he had the fun job of trying to get her to sleep again!

In the ER, they Dr. determined that she had most likely fallen off her be face first into the nightstand near the girls' bed. He figured that her nose was probably broken (after x-rays, it looks like the bone is just bent, not broken, but it will be quite dented once the swelling goes down), and when he looked inside her mouth, the bottom lip had separated from her jawbone and needed to be stitched back. It was a gory, rough couple of hours, but after some very careful stitching by Dr. Botha Sr. her lip was back in place.

Before they stitched her, the nurse came in and gave her some medicine. She said that it would make her sleepy, maybe a little giggly, and that she would forget everything that happened during the stitches. It didn't work. LOL. For the next hour she kept saying how she didn't think the "amnesia dust" was working, and the next day, she remembered everything from our ER stay. Either way, she was a brave, brave little girl though.  I am so proud of how well she handled everything!

In the last two days she has healed so much! She is on a liquid diet, and has pretty much been living off of Visalus and Boost. She learned very quickly how to suck out of a straw using just the back of her tongue so that her stitches stay clean :)

Monday afternoon.

As a mom, this is hard...I can't even imagine how hard it must be for her, I hate seeing her in pain and struggling with simple things, like talking, drinking, and breathing through her nose. I hate the fact that I have to give her yet another shake while we eat a hot supper :( I have to say, she is being much braver than I am!


  1. That is so brutal, Jade! Poor kiddo! Hugs to the whole family!

  2. oh goodness!! Makes me nervous for my sleepwalker daughter! Thankfully she didn't get to hurt though. And the mouth heals fast.

  3. Oh wow! I'm glad she's healing nicely and is in good spirits!

  4. Oh no, poor girl! She seems pretty tough though :-)

  5. Thank you everyone. She starting to heal well, although now she's just getting frustrated that she can't talk or eat :( It's hard for such an active kid to be laid up!
    Today we visited her school so she could see her friends, and she seemed to enjoy that :)

  6. Poor baby - glad to see she's doing better. Not sure about you, though. Hang in there.


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