Monday, May 28, 2012

Tuesday Top 10...My Top 10 Favourite Posessions


Today I'm linking up with the wonderful Lena over at Mom2MemphisandRuby! We are posting our top 10 possessions. I'm not talking about the obvious things that steal our heart, like our children or husbands. I mean the material possessions that bring me joy!

1. My macbook pro...and hand in hand with that, my iPhone. They keep my crazy life organized, help me run a business, and give me a fun little break when I need it!

2. My "scent bin"! I keep my scentsy scents in it, votives, essential oils and more. I love having a good smelling house, so I keep this bin stocked!

3. "Mooch". Daniel bought him for me in Germany while we were dating. The girls have claimed him, but I make sure they take care of him. I hate stuffed animals, but this guy has a piece of my heart!

4. My wool coat. I've always wanted one, and this Christmas, Daniel bought one for me! It's beautiful...soft, stylish, silky wool that makes me feel amazing!

5. These pictures of the girls. I love any pictures of them, but these ones I really love. My uncle took them during our fall photo shoot. The best part is, I just framed and hung them last week! I will treasure them forever :D

6. My cookie jar. I don't remember who gave it to us, but it was a wedding present. The moment I saw it, I pictured myself serving our grandkids cookies from this just knew it is that cookie jar!

I love it!

7. My wedding rings. They haven't been worn much in the last 6 fingers got too fat when I was pregnant and I have never had them resized for two reasons; 1. I've heard that it can weaken the metal and I don't want to ruin them, and 2. I've always held on to the idea that I'll eventually lose enough weight to fit them again!
I think I'll get them resized soon :)

8. My diamond earring. I wish I had two...more than anything in the world. Daniel bought me these earrings a few years ago when we were going through a very rough patch. When he gave them to me, it gave me hope and a peace that everything was going to be alright. I love them so much...they are real, expensive diamonds, and have so much meaning. Then, two years ago while we were moving, one got lost. Everytime I clean our room, or any room in our house for that matter, I hold on to the teeny possibility of finding the lost earring. I know I will one day!

9. My high heels. They are the only pair that I own, and they are "magic". I stumbled across them a few years ago at Le Chateau...on sale no less! I have never seen another pair of high heels that I find as pretty as these. And when I wear them...I feel beautiful. Sexy, even. I love even wearing them with jeans and a nice top when Daniel takes me to dinner. These heels are powerful!

10. My MAC eyeshadow collection. I am not a huge makeup collector. I have a small makeup bag with only the essentials. The one exception is my eyeshadow. The best part is that I have not purchased even one of them! My sister in law gave me 4 of them for my birthday last year (she's amazing!). The other 5 came from my sisters, Jael and Dakota. We bought the pill boxes while I was in Australia visiting Jael, and did an eyeshadow swap! Now we all have some of each colour! Genius, I know :)

What are YOUR favourite possessions? We would love to have you join us! 

Link up your Tuesday Top 10 below!


  1. Don't you hate it when you forget!!!

  2. No lie, I have the exact same shoes! I also got mine on sale. :)

    1. awesome! They are the best high heels ever! I would like to add a second pair to my collection..a pair I saw on pinterest, but they are $100!

    2. I don't know about you, but I am way to cheap for $100 shoes!

  3. How adorable are your kids? Love your list!


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