Sunday, November 18, 2012

Biting Monster

Ok, this JUST happened, and I'm logging it away for the memory book (or blog in this case!).

It was  relatively loud, but controlled play session between all of the girls in the living room. That is, until Tegan broke into a painful scream and began crying loudly. Myka had bitten her on the shoulder blade.

I sent Myka to her room until I could calm Tegan down and go talk to which she repeated over and over, "it's not fair!"

Finally, when all was calm (Tegan is a dramatic, looooong crier), I went to talk to Myka.

Me: "Myka, why did you bite Tegan?"

Myka: "I thought we were playing biting monster, mom"

Me: "Ok, but when you play games like that, you need to only pretend bite. You can't really bite your sister because it hurts really bad."

Myka: "Oh. Is it only some really mean fish that really bite?"

Me: "Yes. but you are not a  mean fish, you are a nice sister, right?"

Myka: "Yeah, but it's not fair mom!"

Me: "What's not fair?"

Myka: "That Tegan got so sad when I was playing biting monster!"

As a mom, I don't like when my girls fight at all. But I have to say, I enjoy having conversations with them and hearing what they come up with...they have really creative thought processes!

Apologies have been made, tears have been dried, and now they are putting makeup on each other...and mommy is about to take the evening off to go to dinner and a movie with a friend for my birthday :)

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  1. Happy Birthday! My boys play/fight/play/fight all the time. It does get exhausting sometimes but you're right. The chats and things they say can be just too funny :)

    Enjoy your birthday night out!


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