Tuesday, March 04, 2014

How Tuesday Went...

This is my favourite time of day. It's 8:00 here and all of the girls just went to bed. Daniel isn't home from work quite yet, and I am sitting in the living room by the cozy fire.
I have calmed down from the slight emotional mess I was late this afternoon....it always seems to happen right before dinner that my brain get overloaded, the girls go a little crazy and I wish I could fast forward to bedtime; not just theirs, but mine too :)
Other than that hour or so, it was a really good day.
It started at 6:45, like every weekday. As the girls were getting ready for school, I got up to make their lunches. Daniel's fleece pj pants just happened to be laying out and they looked really cozy, so on a whim, I put those on. I haven't taken them off since :) They may be my new pant of choice for the rest of the pregnancy!
The morning was super productive. I babysat our tenant's one year old boy, and he and the younger two girls played so well all morning. The girls were acting like puppies and barking, and he just followed them around giggling at them. It gave me a chance to scrub my kitchen clean (which felt amazing to get done!), and to sew a bunch for Little Lily.
By the time the girls got home from school at 2:45, I had hit my wall. Energy, gone. I made them a strawberry smoothie as a snack, we went outside for 20 minutes, then did pretty much nothing until supper time. In fact, I had so little energy that I didn't even want to make supper...so I made a frozen pizza and cut up a cucumber instead.
About half an hour before bedtime, Myka decided that she wanted to make a "surprise" for me in her room. I didn't mind because I know when she says that it means that she is going to clean it...which she did :) Danica came running out about 20 minutes later saying, "mom, you can come in now!" I walked in and Myka jumped out and yelled "surprise"! and then...."how do you like it mom? I thought you would be proud."
It was awesome. And as a result of being so proud of her room, she and Danica went to bed amazingly! I wish every night could be like that, but I'll take the occasional one quite happily :) It's like she's making up for the three years or so that bedtime was a very unhappy struggle each night.

There was really no huge point to this post...just writing down some moments to keep as memories really....and enjoying the quiet moment to write :)

And just a touch of humour to end Tuesday with!

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